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Ready to automate your work?

Template type: discount popup


The best part of this template is that it does not look like a discount popup at all! Which will get users to read it right away. 🧐

There are many ways you can convince users to upgrade their subscription and this template is a great example you can gain inspiration from. 💡

If you have specific discounts for different types of users, with this template you can link to different landing pages and promote your offers. 🚀 Be creative with it and make all the necessary changes you need.

Benefits of a discount popup:

  • Convert users into paying customers;
  • Increase revenue for your online business;
  • Improve customer loyalty and retention;

Best practices:

  • Use this popup message at the center of the screen;
  • Choose a light overlay effect in the background;
  • Use vivid colors and design elements to catch the user’s attention;
  • Make sure your CTA is clear and bold for more engagement;

How to use it:

  1. Sign up to Helppier and login to your dashboard;
  2. Select this template in your dashboard;
  3. Customize the text and the buttons with links of your choice;
  4. Set to show only one time on a specific page URL;
  5. Publish it!

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