A curated library of 40+ real life in-app messaging templates for your SaaS

Get inspired and power up your SaaS with our selection of ready-to-use in-app messaging templates. From welcome messages and tours to feature announcements, we've got you covered.
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Helppier In-app Messaging Templates - Welcome Tours and Welcome Messages Templates

Welcome Messages

Use welcome messages to assist users who enter a specific area of your product for the first time.

Deals & Upselling

Convince users to upgrade and purchase your SaaS subscription with special deals and offers.

Helppier In-app Messaging Templates - Feature Announcements templates

Feature Announcements

Use in-app announcements to share product updates and newly released features with users. 

Helppier In-app Messaging Templates - Product Demos and Webinars Templates

Demos & Webinars

Create messages to promote your product demo or webinar and connect with your customers.

Helppier In-app Messaging Templates - Alerts and Notifications Templates

Alerts & Notifications

Use alerts to ensure users are informed about errors, policy changes, or maintenance dates.

Helppier In-app Messaging Templates - Feedback Surveys NPS Templates

Feedback Surveys

Use Feedback Surveys to understand how your users feel about your service or features.


Find our collection of in-app messaging templates including welcome messages, feature announcements, alerts, feedback surveys, and more.

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