Template – Updates Terms And Conditions

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Updates: Terms And Conditions

Template type:  Update Notice


Did you make important updates to your company’s Terms and Conditions? Then there’s no way you want users to miss it! 😅

Use this appealing update notice template directly on your main page or a highly visited area of your product or website. This way, you ensure most of your users are informed.

Don’t forget to include a large CTA providing quick easy access to your Terms and Conditions page so users can read the important changes. ⚠️


Benefits of an update notice:

  • Alert users about important changes in your company’s terms;
  • Avoid any confusion/frustration about any aspects of using your services;
  • Build trust with new users and current customers;

Best practices:

  • To allow users to continue interacting with your app, prevent using an overlay effect in the background;
  • Place this notice in the page’s corners to avoid interfering with the user’s flow;
  • Choose colors like blue, purple, or green to make it clear to users that this is an important alert about your company;
  • Keep the emphasis on the message by avoiding distracting backgrounds.

How to use it:

  • Sign up for Helppier;
  • Login to your dashboard;
  • Select this template;
  • Edit the message and button URL to fit your needs;
  • Target and publish to users 🚀

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