Template – Ups My Mistake

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Ups, my Mistake!

Template type:  Maintenance alert


If you’re performing any maintenance on your Cloud Service, this template is the inspiration you need to create an appealing alert for your product. 💭

This maintenance alert has a soft color pallet that can be easily adjusted to your branding. It also features a fun illustration to catch the user’s attention.

Make sure your title has a bold color so users understand it’s an important message. And don’t forget to link to a page with more information. 🔗 Users like to know what’s going on.


Benefits of a maintenance alert:

  • Help reduce the number of emails and support tickets;
  • Make the user experience run as smooth as possible, by keeping users informed;
  • Reduce any frustration while maintenance is ongoing;
  • Help avoid temporary actions and errors in a user’s account;

Best practices:

  • Give recommendations to users while maintenance is occurring;
  • Share the date and timeline of your maintenance;
  • Add a link to a page with more information or contact form;
  • Choose images that are often associated with maintenance alerts;

How to use it:

  • Sign up to Helppier and log in;
  • Choose this template in your dashboard;
  • Adjust the message, colors, and the button’s link;
  • Set to appear on a specific page for a specific period;
  • Publish it!

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