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Considering your experience so far

Template type: customer satisfaction survey


Sometimes, a simple layout is all you need. This customer satisfaction survey will focus your user’s attention on the question and help boost engagement. So make sure your message is short and clear. 😄

By highlighting the Net Promoter Score with a light blue color, the buttons in this template look engaging and clickable for the user. 🖱️  You can easily play around with colors and sizes to fit your design. Be creative and do as your heart desires! 🎨

Customer satisfaction surveys like this one allow you to measure customer satisfaction and ask for suggestions right on your product or website.


Benefits of a customer satisfaction survey:

  • Understand your customers and gather feedback;
  • Reduce negative word of mouth;
  • Retain existing customers and improve customer loyalty;
  • Identify trends and areas for improvement;

Best practices:

  • Choose a vivid color for your Net Promoter Score numbers;
  • Write a clear and short title that aligns with your goal;
  • Place this message at a position that does not disturb the user experience;

How to use it:

  • Sign up to Helppier and log in;
  • Choose this template in your dashboard;
  • Adjust the message, colors, and size;
  • Set the frequency to appear on a specific page or a specific type of user;
  • Publish it!

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