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Template type: covid-19 feedback survey 



In these challenging times, it becomes more important than ever to provide exceptional service for your customers online.  🖥️

Use this Covid-19 feedback survey template to ask users how they feel about your services and how you can improve.

With this template, you can whether use our Net Promoter Score questions or link to a custom survey page created by you. 📝


Benefits of a feedback survey:

  • Have a better understanding of what users and customers want;
  • Quickly get suggestions to make improvements to your services;
  • Learn how you can meet your user’s expectations;
  • Stand out from the competition with better online service;

Best practices:

  • Place this message at the center of the page to catch the user’s attention and gather as much feedback as possible;
  • If you want to add a custom link to the button, make sure to remove the second and third messages of this template;
  • Write a clear title and description that specifies your goal in creating this survey;

How to use it:

  • Sign up to Helppier and log in;
  • Choose this template in your dashboard;
  • Adjust the message, colors, and button link;
  • Set to appear on a specific page or area;
  • Publish it!

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