Template – How happy are you to recommend our products

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How happy are you to recommend our products

Template type: customer satisfaction survey


As an online business or SaaS, it becomes even more important to find ways to connect with your customers and understand how they feel about your services. 💬

Using a customer satisfaction survey like this one will help you gather valuable feedback without wasting much of your users’ time. It takes seconds! ⏲️

Without leaving your sofa, you can customize this template to fit your needs and track all the answers in your dedicated dashboard. 🛋️


Benefits of a customer satisfaction survey:

  • Measure customer satisfaction towards specific products and services;
  • Ask for suggestions on how to improve later on;
  • Gather and track real feedback from current users and customers;

Best practices:

  • Avoid using this survey at the center of the page, so users can keep interacting with your website/product;
  • Use bold colors and appealing illustrations to boost engagement and get more answers;
  • If you want to ask for comments, enable the feedback question option available in this template;

How to use it:

  • Sign up to Helppier and log in;
  • Choose this template in your dashboard;
  • Adjust the message, colors, and illustration;
  • Set the frequency to appear on a specific page or a specific type of user;
  • Publish it!

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