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You’re Safe With Elite App

Template type: GDPR Alert


Alerts can be quite versatile. You can use them in numerous ways, including to communicate important changes in your Privacy Policy. 📝

Users are becoming more and more concerned about the use of their personal data. This simple but appealing GDPR Alert will allow you to inform about new security policies and help users trust your services even more. 🙌

This template has clean and minimal styling with an illustration, bold title, description, and, last but not least, a large button that will lead users to a specific page.


Benefits of a GDPR alert:

  • Allow you to be transparent about how you use and store data;
  • Help build trust and better relationships with your users;
  • Inform users about important changes in your policy;
  • Help convert users who care about security and privacy;

Best practices:

  • Avoid confusing backgrounds and design elements, keep the focus on the message;
  • Use cold colors such as Blue or Green so users can identify it’s a positive but relevant alert;
  • Place this message at the corners of the page so it does not interfere with the user’s flow;
  • Avoid using overlay effect in the background so users can keep interacting with your product;

How to use it:

  • Sign up for Helppier;
  • Login to your dashboard;
  • Select this template;
  • Edit the message and button URL to fit your needs;
  • Target and publish to users 🚀

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