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Template type: Maintenance Alert



If you want a fun and engaging way to inform users about any maintenance happening in your product, this is the perfect template for you. 😉

In this maintenance alert, you get bright colors, an eye-catching illustration, and a small description that appeals to users.

If you’d like to send users to a specific page about your maintenance or upcoming updates, you can do so by changing the button in this template.  Very ready-to-use and less boring than your usual alert. ✨

Benefits of a maintenance alert:

  • Notify users about possible performance issues;
  • Reduce any frustration that may occur by properly warning users;
  • Provide clear instructions to avoid any confusion or temporary errors in the user’s account;

Best practices:

  • Select typical alert colors, for example, Orange, Yellow, and Red;
  • Provide a date or timeline for when your maintenance is expected to be finished;
  • Add your support email or link to a contact form so users can contact you in case of important issues;
  • Place this message at a position that will not affect the user’s experience in your product;

How to use it:

  • Sign up to Helppier and log in;
  • Choose this template in your dashboard;
  • Adjust the message, image, and the button’s link;
  • Set to appear on a specific page for a specific period;
  • Publish it!

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