Template – Welcome to your Studio Beta

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Welcome to your Studio Beta

Template type: Welcome Message & Tour



We all have tried new software for the first time. And we sure know it can be a frustrating experience. Presenting many features and complex options keeps users from achieving their goals and scares them away. 😅

Use this template to create a friendly welcome message and give users an interactive tour of your awesome product. Take this moment to highlight your most valuable features and benefits. 🚀

A great welcome message will make you stand out from competitors and retain new users. 😉 This template’s vivid colors and illustrations will also catch your user’s attention easily.

Benefits of a welcome message:

  • Focus the user’s attention on what matters and reduce any initial frustration;
  • Remind users why they signed up for your product by highlighting benefits;
  • Ensure new users are on the right track and familiar with your most important features;
  • Keep users focused on the next task to successfully onboard;

Best practices:

  • Use appealing illustrations and vivid colors to improve engagement;
  • Keep your welcome tour short with 3-4 steps max;
  • Present a clear CTA/button that shows users what they need to do first;
  • Make sure the welcome message appears at the center of the screen;

How to use it: 

  1. Sign up to Helppier and login to your dashboard;
  2. Select this template in your dashboard;
  3. Add more steps and customize it to your taste;
  4. Target automatically to new users on a specific page and publish!


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