Template – Welcome to your dashboard

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Welcome to your dashboard

Template type: Welcome Message



If you don’t want your users to get lost through so many options in your software application, then this is the ideal welcome message template for you. 🙌

Use this message to direct users to a specific area/feature that is essential to start using your app. For example, create a profile or perform their first task. 💪

This eye-catching template will help users get to their “aha! moment” and see value in your product right away. 😎 Try it out and tell us how it went.

Benefits of a welcome message:

  • Ensure users are on the correct path;
  • Reduce any initial frustration and provide a positive first impression;
  • Improve retention and conversion during the free trial;

Best practices:

  • Use overlay effect to darken the background and focus the user’s attention;
  • Choose appealing images and gifs to boost engagement;
  • Provide a clear Call To Action that leads users to their first task;

How to use it:

  1. Sign up to Helppier and login to your dashboard;
  2. Select this template in your dashboard;
  3. Change the button link to ensure users go to the correct area;
  4. Target automatically to users who enter a specific URL for the first time;
  5. Publish!

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