Template – Introducing Meetings Calendar

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Introducing Meetings Calendar

Template type: feature announcement 


Do you want users to get excited about your latest features? 🚀 Then use this appealing feature announcement template to boost engagement.

With its clean design, benefit-oriented message, and large button, it will be easy for users to notice your new feature and get curious about it. 💡

Use this message on your main page/area and include a link that directs users to the new feature so they can try it out right away. The quicker they try it, the quicker they fall in love with it. 😍


Benefits of a feature announcement:

  • Share your latest features and improvements with users;
  • Drive engagement and awareness towards new areas inside your product;
  • Help users see the value and understand how your new features work;
  • Convert users that previously requested a specific feature;

Best practices:

  • Use this message on a highly visited area/page to reach as many users as possible;
  • Customize the button link to lead users to a quick tour inside the new feature/area, so they can learn how it works;
  • Enable overlay effect in the background to increase engagement;

How to use it:

  1. Sign up to Helppier and login to your dashboard;
  2. Select this template in your dashboard;
  3. Customize the text, image, colors, and add a link of your choice;
  4. Set to show only one time on a specific page URL;
  5. Publish it!

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